WOFABE Annual African Dance & Drum Festival
About Wofabe

Wofabe means "everybody come" in the Sou Sou language of Guinea, West Africa. The festival is open to dance/drum/music instructors, students, and the general public. In addition to the dance and drum classes, there will be a free children's class and crafts fair.

Dr. Baba Chuck Davis, Founder and Artistic Director of the African American Dance Ensemble and the New York-based DanceAfrica, is our Honorary Chairperson.

All in all, it promises to be a dynamic event celebrating the African Diaspora.

The mission of Wofabe: African Dance and Drum Festival is to preserve and share the finest traditions of African dance and drumming to encourage cross-cultural understanding. This mission relates to our overall mission to celebrate traditional African culture, aesthetics and values as resources for all people. We plan to utilize the resources and information gathered from this and other events to further promote this art form in New Jersey.


  • To teach, learn and exchange historical information on specific aspects of African culture as it pertains to dance, music and drumming.
  • To introduce and present African dance/drum instructors to the New Jersey community.
  • To identify African dance resources existing in New Jersey (i.e. performance groups, instructors, venues, festivals, presenters, etc.)
  • To establish a network and develop a database of teachers of African dance and drumming.
  • To showcase the talents of local African dance and drum ensembles.


  • Demonstrate the powerful relationship and inter-connectedness between these art forms and people of all cultural backgrounds.
  • Create a positive outlet for youth by demonstrating that African dancing and drumming is for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Increase community education and awareness of these important art forms.
  • Gather and share information on the available resources.
  • Provide an outlet for groups and individuals working in these disciplines to share their talents with their peers and the community at large.
Wofabe Dance and Drum Festival
Wofabe Dance and Drum Festival